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Get paid to build an amazing AI

E99 is one the only MMO Programming Game that pays you to build an awesome AI. Remember you're not being paid to play - or for resources. You're expected to leverage your exceptional AI building JavaScript programming skills.

You get paid for the resources you earn - you're being paid to develop a crazy-smart AI. To be paid, you need to go to the Nexus (special map sector) and connect the market to your user account. This is a test that proves you have a level of skill and can contribute toward building a good AI.

Compensation may be obtained in 3 forms:

The top players will certainly make good money every month; in fact most players can make something every month from playing this game. But only the most awesome AI cluster will be able to TAKE OVER THE WORLDMAP AND WIN THE AI-CHALLENGES! Some AI challenges even give the top player $100 in hard cash.

Note: E99 does not condone betting, gambling or other non-skill based earning methods. Our entire game is focused on a very high level of skill and our players are expected explicitly to adhere to the standard.