Programming Worlds

Fundamentals of E99

E99 is a programming focused MMO. This means it's played online, with other players around with whom you can communicate, share resources, fight, or simply ignore while you do your thing. It's certainly massive at 900+ sectors (as of Sept 2019) and growing, the game is configured to reach a map size of 100x100 - that is a total of 10,000 sectors with new sectors added and removed approximately every 1800 game ticks (1/2 an hour in real time).

The essence of E99 is building an AI in your bots, structures and other assets using programming. The key win to the game is creating a 'Hive Mind' AI that can intelligently respond to game events while continuing to gather, process and cash-out resources.

There are 4 unique elements to E99 gameplay. These are by design, and you need to overcome these challenges to be able to call yourself an E99er.

Build a multi-nodal AI Overcome Challenges
Grow your Territory Make Money